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The GU Book Crew -  Michael chats self-publishing  with blogger Joey Payton and offers insight into the life of an indie author.

Hungry Poets' Podcast  Michael chats with fellow author J L Hickey about World of the Orb.

Northern Virginia Magazine Interview  -  Michael's interview with Northern Virginia Magazine about the release of World of the Orb.

World of the Orb is the first in a new series of Young Adult Fantasy Novels. by author Michael Thompson

Categories: fiction books, best fantasy novels, young adult fantasy novels, fantasy novel series, World of the Orb fantasy novel.

World of the Orb will be available worldwide on this Fall 2016.

"All the world is elements . . ."



July 7th - First Friday @ Grounds Central Station

Celebrate First Friday in Old Town Manassas with a copy of World of the Orb and a piping hot "Orbuccino" at Grounds Central Station Coffee Shop.  5 - 9 pm>> Details

June 10th - Prospero's Books

Michael will be signing copies of World of the Orb Saturday, June 10th, at Prospero's Books in Old Town Manassas from 1 - 5 pm>> Details